About Me

Hi everybody! Welcome to my little space. My name is Jean and I’m an eternal dreamer and freedom discover. I’m italian, i love my country but I need more, things that Italy can’t give to me. So I wish to find my place in the world someday.

Right now I’m studing communication and foreign languages at University, that’s a great experience leaving apart study! I was always an artist since I start drawing, painting or play instruments, and sometimes I explode like a creative volcano! That’s really satisfactory…

I have a lot of passions: music, movie, sport, food, travel, books… and I do too many activities: sometimes I’ve no time. I love rock music firstly, but I like jazz, blues, pop and alternative rock too. My favourite movies are romantic commedies, expecially not banal story. I really don’t like soppy love stories: better an horror!!

I considered myself like a princess, but not the common princess: i’m a dark princess whose wanna live how she wants and livining adventures. I don’t need a prince who save me, maybe he can follow me while I live my adventure and create new ones together.

Now i decided to add this blog to my “to do” list, because I love talk with people and I love web, so here i’m. I don’t know what i going to write about, but i hope you’ll like it! I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you wanna know what I do everyday, be sure to follow me on my socials: Facebook▫Twitter▫Pinterest▫Tumblr▫Instagram▫Bloglovin     [link here]

Sending you love,



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