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My #winter #morningroutine (no lessons day)

Hello everyone!! How are you? I’m ok, a little stressed by exams and study to be honest. For this reason i’ve posted nothing on November, and i’m really sorry. But I’m very active on my socials daily, so you can follow me also there!! (this is the link!)

Today i want share with you my morning routine in winter, because i love it. Seriously, i love watching morning routines on YouTube or read them on blogs. It’s one of my favourite things to do in my free time.

In winter and in summer my routine change because change the things i’ve to do. In winter i’ve lessons at university, i’m really busy with my own stuff, instead in summer i’m a little relaxed and i’ve more free time.

What i do in morning?

Well, when i’ve no lessons, i usually wake up at 08:00 am. In my pj i do stretching to wake up my body. strategy-use-child-wake-up-easily_feb0948a26cc99b2Fastly i go to the kitchen to prepare my breakfast. I make some tea, a piece of bread with jam, honey and quia, a fruit and a piece of chocolate.o-breakfast-healthy-facebook Meanwhile i check my socials and send “good morning” to my friends and family on Whatsapp. beautiful woman in bed with a smartphoneAfter breakfast i make my bed and tidy my room, putting clothes in the wardrobe, put makeup stuff in his place, dusting, swiping, etc… 0d90a373686d93e082a440dc44e00691

Then i go to prepare myself for the day, so i take a shower and i choose the outfit for the day. If i’ve to stay at home i wear sporty clothes.


When i’m ready i plan my study for the day and  i study til lunch time, taking breaks sometimes when i check my phone and drink or eat something.www-usnews-com

This is what i do in a normal day at home. If you attend university too you know that’s true.

If you like this post, i can write other routines dipending what i’ve to do that day…

…Let me know in the comments’ box.





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